Bhaagamathie 8th Day Box Office Collection Report

Bhaagamathie was produced with a total budget of Rs 35 crore INR. Its total box office collection has reached Rs 1.7 crore in 8 days. That is shocking news to declare but other super-movies such as Padmavati has provided not very much space for the film ‘Bhaagamathie’. Total collection of Padmavati is calculated to be Rs Rs 67 crore. The movie received tons of positive reviews and demands to produce more movies of this type by the end of the year. Different reports have been suggesting different numbers. But, overall it is seen that this movie will be ranked in the top blockbusters of 2018. The movie has earned around Rs 5 crore from the USA.

Bollywood industry has been producing such horror movies since the end of the last year. The storyline and theme of this movie matched a lot with the previously released Hindi movie ‘1921’. Bollywood fans will be hoping more such movies from the Bollywood industry. It was not just a horror, it was thriller as well. A crisp of love story and horror was framed describing the story of ancient princess who was called as Bhaagamathie in the previous times. The movie released on 26th of January.

New stars of Bollywood industry that had not gained much fame signed for this movie. A crisp of political fights has also been added to other movie. Anushka Shetty was a female artist to perform the role of Bhaagamathie as Zareen Khan was the main female artist in ‘1921’. More than two horror movies have been released by Bollywood industry in the first month of 2018 and all the horror movies have earned considerable collection to the Bollywood industry. If horror movies continue to get fame in this fashion, Bollywood may release more horror movies as the time goes on.

Horror movies are loved by the children, teenagers, adults and people of all groups of ages. It has been long that Bollywood is missing the horror movies for so many years. But, they have finally started to produce horror movies on consistent basis. Hollywood is the top producer and investor in horror movies but It look likes that Bollywood is also coming on that track slowly. This movie with running time of 142 minutes has also been released in Tamil and Telugu language.

So, unlike Padmavati, this movie enjoyed screening on a lot of screens and therefore more viewership. The south Indian movie earned $1 Million from American box office. Now that’s something what makes Bhaagamathie worth-noticing and worth watching. The songs of this movie have been sung by Shreya Ghoshal. This movie revolves around a female actress who has been imprisoned in the haunted house. Now that’s very frightening to hear and makes this movie worth-watching.

The movie shoot was conducted back in 2016. Horror movies demand bit more investment for they also involve bit of thrill. The movie has been given 3 out of 5 by the Times of India. Bhaagamathie earned Rs 1.5 crore gross incomes in first week. The movie witnessed nearly 60% occupancy in the first days of release. But, now the occupancy has fallen to 30% only. The movie did set number of records in the first weekend, mainly because of the good promotion tactics used for its promotion.

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