‘Bilal : A New Breed of Hero’ Movie 3rd Day Box Office Collection

‘Bilal : A New Breed of Hero’ movie released on the same day on which the horror movie ‘Winchester’ was released. The movie did not come up in the competition and ranked below than the horror movie ‘Winchester’ released on the same day. The movie earned a total gross collection of $74,972 on the first day of its release. Despite not being watch very much on the first day, the movie ranked double by the increased occupancy of 94%. So, the second day brought the movie into competition with other movies released on the same day. The movie ranked down again on the third day of its release.

It is an animation movie released and distributed by Vertical Entertainment. The production budget of the movie has not been reported by the releasing company. The movie earned a well collection despite being released in only 300 widest theatres. The movie ranked down to the 37th place mainly due to limited number of screens and for the toughest competition that it faced in the first few days of its release. This animated movie has been reported to earn thousands of dollars from UAE, Turkey, Lebanon and Vietnam. That’s quite surprising for the Hollywood to see their movies gaining attention in gulf Islamic states.

Released and distributed by Vertical Entertainment, the Hollywood movie has got appreciation for wonderful animations, character sketching and a fantastic story to display on the screens worldwide. The movie was initially released on September 8, 2016 in United Arab Emirates. This animated movie has the storyline inspired by the true events and it showcases the beautiful relationship between a brother and a sister. Some reports quotes the initial release of this 3D animated movie back in 2015, This movie has been produced to encourage the children and teenagers to become a super-hero of the society and use all of their power of mind and good thinking for the betterment of the society.

This is a beautiful movie that covers all the aspects of the best animated movie produced ever. This movie has got a message to share and to change the mindset of the growing minds. This movie has been in the spotlight of theatres of Dubai and UAE as a whole. This movie has a runtime of 105 minutes and has been released only in the native English language. This movie has highlighted the goodness in character of past Muslims and has featured characters with the Islamic names such as Hamza. That is quite interesting to hear.

Most of the audience liked it for the good message and content that can be viewed by the teens as well. That is a good strategy of Bollywood to produce cinematic content for the children and teens so children and teens can also visit the cinema and have an experience of watching their favorite characters on the big screen. This movie is all about little Islamic kids and that caught the attention of the Muslims residing in the Gulf States.

The movie is expected to earn small amounts of collection on consistent basis. There is also a lot of violence in the movie for a fight against the evil. The budget of this move has been reported to be $30 million by some of the reports. That is quite a large investment for an animated movie to release. The movie made considerable collection from the soulful, heart-touching and rhythmic songs. The work on this movie started back some 7 years ago. The scenery of animation that this movie contains Is fantastic and makes this movie even more worth watching.

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