‘Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle’ collects Rs 25.84 crore box office income in 5 days

Latest American adventure comedy movie ‘Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle’ faced decline in the theatre occupancy on 5th day of its release. After completing four days at Indian box office, the Hollywood movie also witnessed consistent drop in its overall earnings. Featuring ‘Fast and Furious’ actor Dwayne Johnson in leading role, the action film collected Rs 25.84 crore in five days.

Showcasing excellent performance on the first day of release, the Hollywood movie earned Rs 4.11 crore. Though the film had to face severe box office competition with Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer latest Bollywood film ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ in the opening week, it managed to attract a good number of audiences in cinema halls.

After taking a silent start to the box office journey, the American film exhibited minor growth in its performance on following day. Receiving better response on Saturday, the movie minted Rs 5.23 crore and grossed an overall income of Rs 9.34 crore in initial two days of release.

Garnering a sufficient box office income in 2 days, the action thriller movie witnessed surprising surge in the theatre occupancy on Sunday. Gaining highest public response, ‘Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle’ pocketed Rs 6.50 crore amount on 3rd day of its release.

Continuing to face steady occupancy in the cinema halls, the Hollywood movie performed excellently on fourth day of its release. Maintaining admirable performance on first Monday, the movie amassed Rs 6 crore and bagged Rs 21.84 crore in 4 days. Confronting hard with adjacently released Indian films, the American film managed to get a good number of footfalls in the cinema halls.

On fifth day, the film’s performance could not satisfy the filmmakers as it experienced gradual drop in the public response. Facing declination in the theatre occupancy, the movie collected Rs 4 crore on fifth day of release and bagged a total income of Rs 25.84 crore in 5 days.

The Hollywood movie performed well in the north Indian states. Though it faced a stern competition with newly released Punjabi films in Haryana, Punjab and the nearby region, it succeeded in catching the attention of an average number of movie-watchers and hiked its overall earnings at India’s box office.

In Gujarat and Rajasthan, the American movie failed to gain huge response from the cinema-watchers. Witnessing very low occupancy in the western states of India, the action comedy adventure film agglomerated decent earnings in Gujarati speaking state.

As the newly released Bhojpuri movies have acquired strong hold in the north-east region of the country, ‘Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle’ could not perform well in the cinema halls and multiplexes located in those regions. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, the American movie could attract very less number of people in the theatres.

In south Indian states, the new Hollywood movie faced similar situation as it did not manage to entice major chunk of audiences with its entertaining script. Failing to captivate the movie-watchers in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam speaking states, the movie faced poor occupancy in the cinema halls situated in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and Kerala.

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