Padmavati Movie 7th Day Total Box Office Collection Report

Padmavati which was set to release on 1 December 2017 but due to hate and criticism from the masses across the whole nation, the movie had to change its name and take its release date to next year 2018. This movie was framed in hope of huge earnings and budget of Rs 200 crore was spent for its production. That sounds confidential and rewarding. This movie performed beyond the expectations and out-classed the highest-grossing movies of 2017.

Now let’ talk about its earnings for the last 7 days. It has earned more than Rs 250 crore in the last 7 days and that I found something very surprising and good for the future of Bollywood industry. This movie got fame all across the world especially Australia, UK and North America. The Hindi film earned Rs 19 crore on the first day, Rs 32 crore on the second day, Rs 37 crore on third day, Rs 30 crore on day 4 and likewise on the day 5. So this movie and filmmakers made every move and used every tactic to bring in a large fan following to the theatres and they were successful with their business.

This film has crossed Rs 250 crore mark and has a lot to do in the coming week. The movie collected Rs 5 crore from the limited previews. It looks likes that this movie has outclassed other expected blockbusters such as Tiger Zinda Hai and other movies released on the previous days. All the bollywood heroes and fans have got impressed from it not only for the way it earned huge sums of money, but also for the extraordinary content broadcast in the movie.

Many people have decided to watch this movie multiple times. So, you can expect another huge sum of money for the coming days. This movie directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali showed no sign of weakness and it appeared to be stronger on the weekends. The 7th day collection of Padmavati is reported to be Rs 13 crore. The net collection is reported to be Rs 156 crore and gross collection is reported to be Rs 194 crore. The most surprising thing about any Bollywood movie that you have never seen would be that movie has earned Rs 93 crore just from overseas in only 7 days.

This means that this Bollywood movie alone has earned triple figure from the abroad. The worldwide collection for 7 days is reported to be Rs 278 crore and that’s the most surprising fact which is the gift from Bollywood industry to all the Bollywood fans nationwide and abroad. This movie has also increased the fan following of Bollywood industry in the foreign nations especially in the American countries.

This movie is one of the most expensive movies in the history of Bollywood and that’s the reason many people were waiting for its release. People across the nation eagerly awaited to know how much money it draws from within nation and overseas. That’s the revolution that has been brought to the film industry to take it to the next level. The good thing about the Bollywood is that it keeps producing all types of movies for all type of the fans. And, you never get bored or disappointed of the Bollywood movies.

Bollywood should be fearless like other film production industries and other companies and it is a good thing to try out the new thing that has never been experienced before. People always love to watch something new that they have never expected and seen before. Padmavati has gained the attention of all the people who seek cinema for the relaxation over periods of time. Bollywood fans hope that Bollywood have many more such surprises to offer in 2018.

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