Padmavati Movie Sixth Day Box Office Collection Report

Padmavati was released on 25th of January this year. This film gathered a lot of crowd in cinemas nationwide and overseas. This movie made extraordinary collection at the beginning of 2018 and impressed the whole country for its brilliance. Collecting Rs 19 crore on the first day, Rs 32 crore on the second day, Rs 37 crore on third day, Rs 30 crore on day 4 and likewise on the day 5. So this movie and filmmakers made every move and used every tactic to bring in a large fan following to the theatres and they were successful with their business.

This film has crossed 200 crore and has a lot to do in the coming week. The occupancy on the average basis was recorded to be 55%. Due to extraordinary performance, a lot of people started to make assumptions and many proved to be true with the assumptions that they made. This film made lifetime earning for many of the actors and crew members who worked for the production of this movie. The theme was fantastic and it depicted one of the old true stories that we mostly see in the Bollywood movies.

This film showed that the whole film industry has entered into the new era of 2018 and they are going to compete with the world in 2018. Due to significant attention and praise from the foreign world, this film is considered to be the film that touched the hearts of Indians and foreign people. Despite being released on only few screens, this movie has won the race and beaten every previous movie that were considered very challenging and top-grossing movies of 2017.

Many people think that this film is going to last for very long due to its incredible demand and tons of positive reviews that it got. We have to praise Ranvir Singh, Shahid Kapoor and female actress Deepika Padukone for her effort and mind-blowing performance on the screens nationwide and overseas. One cannot expect more from the movie that gets banned in most of the places, faces hate and many dilemmas. I think that this was the most promoted movie in the history of Bollywood, because it got promoted automatically due to the hate and support that worked for its cause to earn a lot of money.

This movie is one of the most expensive movies in the history of Bollywood and that’s the reason many people were waiting for its release and how much money it draws from within nation and overseas. That’s the revolution that has been brought to the film industry to take it to the next level. So, the fact is that this movie has been earning on consistent basis and fans of Ranvir Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone were bound to watch the movie.

This film depicted true story of ancient times and we have seen many films of this kind by Bollywood in the past years as well. Do not forget the Hirtik Roshan’s ‘Mohenje Daro’, Rana Daggubati’s ‘Bahubali’, ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and such type of non-fiction movies that matched Hollywood and Chinese movies somehow. So, fans are expecting more movies from Bollywood of this kind.

Padmavati has already hit big in the cinemas and is ready to bounce back with equal potential the next week. Bollywood has introduced new flavor to the fans at the beginning of this year and this flavor has seemed to impress the fans to a great extent. Such non-fiction movies based on old true-story have never been under-estimated by the cinema lovers and they always appreciate these kinds of movies. 2018 has also been proving the big turnaround for such movies and credit goes to the team members who put a lot of hard work and complete the whole movie in only a little period of time.

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