‘Till The End Of The World’ Weekend Box Office Collection Report

‘Till The End Of The World’ movie with the run-time of approximately 2 hours released on 2nd February this year. It went through the phase of the toughest competition, due to other highly demanded movies being released on the same date. But, it was unable to make a good place and good rank among the other movies released on the same date. It ended up earning $57,713 box office collection in first weekend. There is nothing to complain a lot about because of the very few theatres in which the movie got released. It is an adventure movie released and distributed by China Lion.

The widest number of theatre in which movie was released is calculated to be only 27 theatres. The movie enjoyed good viewership in the few number of theatres in which it was released. It was unable to earn any considerable collection from the foreign market instead it just ended up in earning the few thousands of dollars from the domestic market. It might have been that producers did not trust the content of their own to that much extent or something other might have been brought to the consideration by the team of the producers.

Anyways, it is good for an adventure movie to be released in the few theatres and earn few thousand of dollars. The other good thing about adventure movies is that they are always released in the number of foreign languages. Same is the case with this adventurous movie. It enjoyed a lot of viewership only due to the reason of being adventurous, released in a lot of foreign language and good promotion tactics applied for the purpose.

Many of the cinema lovers missed this adventurous movie for this movie as not set to release in their local cinemas and that many of the cinema lovers desperate for this movie and many of the people found themselves lucky that this movie was released in their local cinemas. This movie shares story of a beautiful couple who got the victim of a plane crash. They fight for their survival together and the movie is set to be in the cold and icy conditions. So, all the struggle of a couple and they fight their way out makes this movie really worth watching.

A Chinese romantic movie of a couple is a must-watch and this movie is not much different. It is interesting to watch a beautiful and young Chinese couple fighting for its survival and the crisp of romance exists throughout the course of the movie. The storyline of this movie is based on a never-ending story of a struggling couple. So, there could be no better movie than this for couples to watch on this coming weekend if it is being broadcast in the cinemas of your locality. The movies produced under the trademark of any Chinese production company are always influential, romantic and adventurous.

Cinema lovers expect Chinese film industry to produce more of such movies and broadcast them on thousands of screens worldwide. So, they do not get desperate and enjoy the real taste that Chinese film industry has to offer. Chinese movies are always a love and some of the Indians are so big fan of them that they never tend to miss a any such film. Chinese movies have revolutionized the film industries and trends all over the globe. They have always something new to offer and their movies are more updated according to the times unlike any other film industry.

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