‘Winchester’ Movie 4th Day Box Office Collection Report

Winchester was released on 2nd of February this year. Horror movies of Hollywood are always rated very high and enjoy the great viewership. Hellen Miren, Jason Clark and Sarah Snook showed their adorable performance to be displayed on the screens worldwide. This movie revolves around a haunted house and everything is related to that haunted house in the movie. This movie was released in more than 2000 cinemas nationwide. It ran for 1 hours and 39 minutes for a single play. So, it is not a very long horror story or that type of movie. Hollywood has continued to release the horror movie in 2018.

The movie earned total gross of $3,622,125 on the first day of its release. It ranked up on the second day of its release with 14.2% increase in occupancy. The third day that was Sunday did not meet up the expectations of the producers and the movie started to rank down with the decreased occupancy of -62.6% on the third day of its release. The movie continued to rank down even on the 4th day of its release. It just earned $696,786 on the 4th day of its release with the even more decreased occupancy of -55.0%. This movie did a record business of $10,004,412 till the end of 4th day of its release. That’s a great addition to the Hollywood movies of 2018.

The movie received tons of positive reviews due to that horror movie produced by Bollywood are always high in demand worldwide. I have been reported that movie has earned $527,464 form the UK box office. So a large share of its collection comes from the box office of UK as well. The movie has been reported to earn $17,045 from the Iceland cinema lovers. This movie has remarked itself as one of the most successful horror movies of 2018 produced by Hollywood. A lot of people have the plan to watch Winchester in the coming days. So, we may expect the collection of this movie to be consistent in the coming days of release.

The haunted house that has been featured in this movie is detailed to be located few kilometers away from San Francisco. The storyline of this movie matches a lot with the storyline of other horror movies released by Bollywood and other film industries in 2018. The most interesting thing about this movie is that it has been produced after being inspired by true horror stories. This made the cinema lovers to reach the cinema at every cost. We do not see such horror and non-fiction movies to be released on frequent basis. Another similar movie named ‘Haunting of Winchester House’ was released back in 2009. So, the storyline of this movie matched somehow with the previous released horror movie.

A lot of the folks already have knowledge of haunted Winchester house and that is not a new thing to them. This movie is expected to be consistent and make millions of dollar in the coming days of this month. There is no doubt that movie has earned a bit more than the expectations and that is a great thing to hear. Cinema lovers are hoping that Hollywood would continue to produce more of such movies in the future that are based on non-fiction. Because, a lot of people are tired of reading novels and stories based on horror, so they turn up to cinema suddenly once that hears about new horror movie released. Despite tons of positive reviews, it also received negative critics and reviews that affected the performance of this movies on the big screens badly and forced it end up in little less collection.

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